Attachment: Download Participant Files

The Attachment Report is used to access or export the attachments uploaded by survey participants. If your participants have uploaded forms, resumes, or other documents, this report allows you to pull all the files at once.

Generate Attachment Report

These steps will help you to generate a quick Attachment Report:

  1. Select your survey and click on Report.
  2. On the Report menu bar, click on Raw Data and select Attachment.
  3. Select questions you wish to add and click on Continue.
  4. Next, select the question that should be used to identify each participant’s attachments. For example, if you have a question asking the participant’s name, you might choose attachments by this question so that attachment files are labelled with each participant’s name. Click Continue.
  5. Next, you may choose to apply a filter to your report based on desired conditions by selecting a filter from the dropdown list or by clicking on Create New to build a new filter.
  6. Click Export to generate attachment file.

This report is designed for use with Attachment questions only.

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