Auto Save


Since time is precious and every answer is important, Auto Save is a very valuable feature.

This feature automatically saves a participant’s response if he or she is idle on a page for more than five minutes and then abandons the survey. A loader will appear on the screen after five minutes of inactivity to indicate that the partial response has been saved.


By default, Auto Save is enabled for an Enterprise account. It is an useful feature when you plan to deploy a survey that participants would not be able to complete in one go. This feature ensures that data from the previously answered questions is not lost due to session timeout.

Once the loader appears, you can view a participant’s responses in the account within 24 hours. Under Track Survey, responses for those participants who view the auto-save loader and then abandon the survey are marked as Incomplete. Responses for those participants who opt to complete the survey after viewing the auto-save loader will be marked as Completed.

This feature is useful only for Unique invitations and access codes, as it saves partial responses submitted by the participants with their associated email address/key. Participation status can be reviewed from the Distribute tab by selecting the appropriate survey and then clicking on Track Survey.