Bar Graph: Quick Data Overview

The Bar Graph Report is a quick, simple, and familiar-looking report of your survey results. While this report displays frequency in bar graph format by default, the appearance can also be switched to display data in other charts and graphs as well.

Generate Bar Graph Report

The following steps will allow you to generate a simple Bar Graph Report:

  1. Select your survey and click on Report.
  2. The default report you see is the Bar Graph report.
  3. If you wish to change the questions added or reorder them, click on Modify Report.
  4. Select questions you wish to add and click on Continue.
  5. On the next step, you can reorder the questions for the best presentation of your information.
  6. Select properties that you want to display in your report:
    1. Display Percentage: Lets you customize the number of decimals to be displayed for response percentage
    2. Exclude All ‘Did not Answer’ is used to exclude the count of unanswered question from the number of total respondents for a question. Blank responses will not be displayed in the report.
    3. Include incomplete responses in the report is used to include partial responses that are yet to be submitted. Here, you can choose:
      1. All, to add all partially completed responses to the report
      2. Responses answered up to a specific question number
  7. Next, you may choose to apply a filter to your report based on desired conditions by selecting a filter from the dropdown list or by clicking on Create New to build a new filter.
  8. Click on Generate to create the report.

Survey Report Details

Survey Metrics: Survey Metrics displays Date, Invitation, and Responses Metrics, which provide details about the responses included in the generated report. You may click on the Edit icon beside the Survey Metrics option to show or hide particular Date, Invitation, and Response Metrics.

Properties and Filters: Even after the report is generated, properties and filters may be modified from this section. You can edit, remove, or add the field which you want in the report by clicking on the Edit icon.

Modify Bar Graph Appearance

Follow these steps to change the appearance of your graph(s) within the report:

  1. Under the Report tab, select your survey and choose Bar Graph.
  2. Follow the wizard to generate your report.
  3. To modify a basic chart, switch from Basic to Advanced in the top right corner. Then use the Chart Type dropdown menu to make your selection.
  4. As desired, you may also choose your preferred colors from the Color Scheme dropdown.

The following examples illustrate variations in graph type and color scheme.

  1. Pie Chart in 3D with color scheme as Bright.
  2. Area Chart in 3D with Autumn as color scheme.
  3. Cylinder Chart in 3D with WarmEarth as color scheme.

Clicking on ‘Make all charts similar’ will apply the current setting for that particular question to all the questions of this survey.

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