Cancel/Reschedule Reminders


Remember that the system only sends Intelligent Reminders, so only those who have not yet participated will receive reminders.

If you’ve scheduled reminders and a participant responds before the reminders are delivered, that person’s reminder will not be sent.

However, if you have scheduled a reminder that you need to cancel or reschedule, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Distribute Tab, select the survey.
  2. Click on Send Reminder.
  3. Click on View Reminder History link. The system will display history for all reminders sent for the survey.
  4. Under Reminder details, click on Cancel link to cancel the Reminders scheduled.
  5. To reschedule Reminders, click on the calendar icon and select the date and time when the Reminder should be sent.
  6. If you have scheduled more than one batch of reminders, you may choose to select which batch you wish to cancel or reschedule.1_highlight