Consider Before You Cancel


Use SoGoSurvey for only a couple of months a year? Won’t be deploying new surveys, but need to run reports for those you’ve completed? Don’t want to pay for the features you will not need? Read on.

Cancellation is not the answer. Once you cancel your SoGoSurvey account, all the data in the account, including responses and saved reports, will be permanently deleted from our servers and backups within 10 days.

If you wish to retain the data and use the account at a later time, you may downgrade/hibernate your account at a minimal charge.

Downgrading your SoGoSurvey account gives you the flexibility to log in anytime and access your data, run reports, design new surveys for future survey projects, export survey responses for offline analysis, and more, based on the downgrade option you choose. You may restore the downgraded account anytime to deploy new surveys or collect more responses for your existing surveys.

If you absolutely need your data to be stored on our servers but do not wish to pay for a downgrade, we recommend you write to our support team at support1@sogosurvey.com. Our team will be glad to advise you on your options.