Create a Survey

Creating a survey using SoGoSurvey is quite easy and intuitive. One of the key goals is to balance the right set of questions in a sequence that is most appealing to your survey audience. The aim is to create a survey which will encourage participants to respond, increase your response rate, and provide meaningful data.

You have a few options available to create surveys, but the process is so simple that the time to start is now!

Create Your First Survey

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the ‘Create Survey’ button on the Home tab.

    Creating a survey from the Home tab assigns the survey to the Main folder of your account. If you wish to create the survey under a specific folder, please navigate to the Design tab and create the survey under the designated folder.

  3. No matter where you start, continue by choosing to create your survey by using any of the approaches listed below:
    • Start with a Blank Survey: Create a survey from scratch. Simply add questions and answers into your survey.
    • Copy an Existing Survey: Copy any existing survey and modify, as desired. When you choose this option, the System folders and My Folders will be displayed on the left panel. Select the survey which you would like to copy. As you wish, you may preview any survey by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon located next to the survey title. Once done, click on ‘Continue’ and your survey will be created under the name “Copy (1) of XYZ” where XYZ is the name of the original survey.
    • Copy from Survey Bank: Copy a readymade template created by our experts and customize to make it your own. This option is a real time-saver. We provide surveys based on different categories such as Customer Surveys, Event Surveys, Healthcare Surveys, and more. You may browse through these categories and select the survey that best fits your survey requirements.
  4. If this is the first survey in your SoGoSurvey account, you will not see the option to copy from an existing survey.

  5. Once you make this choice, a pop-up dialog box will appear. Here, you need to provide the following details:
    • Survey Title: Assign a unique name to each survey to differentiate it from other surveys.
    • Survey Primary Language: This is the language in which your survey will be created. Primary language cannot be changed after questions are added to the survey.
    • Select Additional Languages: Allows you to create the survey in multiple languages other than the primary language selected. This is optional and can be set/modified anytime from Settings under the Design tab.
    • If you have questions ready for your survey, check ‘I have question ready to copy and paste.’ .
  6. Click on Start Survey to build your first survey.
  7. Now, build your survey! Simply drag and drop questions from the panel of options on the left-hand side to the canvas on the right.
  8. For more details about adding questions to your survey, click here.