Custom Survey URLs

Build your brand by sending surveys with your own company domain instead of URL branding is a great way to customize a URL that reflects your brand name. Having a custom URL with your branding can build trust, personality, consistency and familiarity with your brand.

This feature is available only in our Enterprise+ plan. Contact us to take advantage of this option.

SoGoSurvey lets you customize the survey invitation link through the ‘URL branding’ feature, hiding the fact that the survey is conducted using SoGoSurvey.

    • A standard SoGoSurvey URL (without URL branding) would look like this: 
    • With a custom URL, you can update the first part of your link (before /k/random_key), as in this example:


If you would like to incorporate this feature in your next project, you must modify your organization’s domain settings.

Here’s how:

1. Add a CNAME (Canonical Name) DNS record to your existing domain. For example, if your organization, Jones Corporation, would like to use custom URL, then a CNAME record should be added to your DNS system. Please be sure that the added record points to (

Do not add an A-record. A CNAME record type must be used to implement the custom URL feature.

2. After adding the CNAME DNS Record, ensure that the IP address resolves to the same IP address as To test this, try pinging to make sure that the address resolution is working correctly. If the steps were implemented properly, pinging would resolve to one IP address of (

3. Once these steps have been completed, please confirm the update and your chosen domain. Once confirmation is received, we will update settings on our end within 24 hours.

When your DNS domain settings are modified, these new settings must propagate throughout the world’s DNS servers. The propagation process can take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours.

To enable SSL encryption option for your surveys, you will need to email us the SSL certificate for encryption. You must email us the SSL certificate in a .pfx file for us to enable SSL for Custom URL. If you have any difficulty exporting an SSL certificate, we can provide additional instructions. Once you email us the certificate, all old and new surveys in the account will have have SSL encryption enabled with this certificate.

When setting up a custom URL, Domain Authentication is required. Please see details here.

If you have any questions, please contact SoGoSurvey Support at

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