Custom Thank You Message

While conducting surveys, it is a good practice to recognize each participant’s time and efforts. A simple way in which this can be achieved is by customizing the ‘Thank you’ page of your survey. Here, you can acknowledge that participant’s time and appreciate his or her effort for in participating in your survey. You may also include details of any incentives or additional information which will be provided as a follow-up once a response is submitted by participants.

Customizing ‘Thank You’ Message

  1. Under the Design tab, select your survey, then click on Edit.creating-surveys-from-predefined-templates_0001s_0004_1
  2. Click on Settings.  creating-surveys-from-predefined-templates_0001s_0003_2
  3. Select the THANK YOU PAGE section.
  4. Toggle the switch to select ‘Yes’ for “Would you like to display a Thank You message at the end of survey?”. Then, customize the Thank You message which will be displayed after a participant clicks the Submit button.customizing ty page
  5. Save.

The Thank You Message can be customized for surveys in Edit and Active state. In other words, you can customize the message while designing the survey or even after the survey is live.