Customize Invitations While Sending


Capturing attention is the key factor to increase the response count for your survey. It is crucial to customize email content, appearance, and options according to your audience and purpose.

  1. In the Distribute tab, select the survey to publish.
  2. Click on Publish Survey.publish survey
  3. Select Unique URL (Single-Use Link) or Public URL (Multi-Use Link) under the Email column and proceed by clicking on Continue.
  4. The Select Email Message step displays the email templates created under Email Manager.
  5. Hover over your preferred message, then click on the Edit icon to customize the content of the message.Distribution_0003s_0005_Rounded-Rectangle-1-copy-3
  6. Customize ‘inbox’ information by updating the content in the fields of the displayed preview.
    1. Sender Name: Enter the sender’s name. By default, this value will be name on the account.
    2. Sender Email: Enter the address where replies should be delivered. By default, this is the account address in Settings.
    3. Subject: Enter the subject to describe your survey. Content should be short and simple. Maximum character limit for this field is 250.
  7. On the left-hand side, under the Header section, choose whether to include a BCC field. You can include one email address in the BCC field to receive a copy or copies of the sent invitations.
    1. Copy on one invitation: Selecting this option sends a copy of one single invitation to the email address in the BCC field.
    2. Copy on all invitations: Selecting this option sends copies of all invitations to the email address in the BCC field.

If you BCC yourself on an email invitation and access the participation link received in the copy, the email status will be updated accordingly within Track Survey.

  1. Within the Header section, choose whether to include a logo. Logos add branding to your invitation and provide recognition for participants.
    1. To add a logo to your email invitation, click on Yes.
    2. From the dropdown, choose your source to browse and upload the image.
    3. You will see the update in the header section of your email preview.
  2. Under the Body section, choose the language in which you wish to publish your survey. If you have chosen to publish a survey that appears in one language, that language will be pre-selected.
  3. Under the Body section, choose whether to include Mail Merge in your invitation. Mail Merge provides you with the opportunity to personalize invitations for each participant. When invitations are personalized with Mail Merge, participants are more likely to be engaged and response rates are likely to benefit.
    1. Select Yes for Mail Merge.
    2. In the Select field dropdown, select field to use for mail merge.
    3. Paste the Mail Merge code in the email body. Include full code, such as {{First Name}}.Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.32.39 PM

Using the Mail Merge feature requires that you have certain information for each invitee (first name, job title, etc.) already gathered in a list or a file.

  1. In the Footer section, choose to add any of these optional messages/features:
    1. Opt-out: You can allow recipients to opt out from the survey or opt out permanently. In the first case, you would no longer be able to send reminders after a recipient opted out from your survey. In the second case, you could never send this recipient reminders or any other invitations from your account.
    2. Chain Invitation: You can allow recipients to use this feature to forward the survey link to other invitees.
    3. Do Not Forward: Just to be cautious, you can use this footer note to make your recipients aware that unique invitation emails should not be forwarded.Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.33.20 PM
  2. In the Color and Font section, customize the appearance of your invitation.
    1. Add colors to divider, border and background.
    2. Font settings selected from this section will be applied to the entire email invitation, overwriting any other settings applied.Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.33.49 PM
  3. Edit the content of your email itself, as needed, including the participation links.
  4. Click on Done Editing, then choose your preferred option:
    1. Save and Overwrite: Replaces existing message
    2. Save as New: Creates a new messages
    3. No, I do not want to Save: Sends but does not save