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                            • Good to Know

                              Custom Report URLs

                              If you want to reinforce your brand awareness while emailing survey reports to your contact list, you’re in luck. Custom URL branding from SoGoSurvey lets you customize the survey reports, thereby disguising the SoGoSurvey identity.

                              This feature is available only in our Enterprise plan. Contact us to take advantage of this option.

                              Emailed Survey Report: SoGoSurvey Branding

                              • A standard SoGoSurvey emailed survey report (without URL branding) includes a URL that looks something like this: https://www.sogosurvey.com/zRMx/ReportName_random_key
                              • Also, the ‘Powered by SoGoSurvey’ logo is present in the footer.

                              Emailed Survey Report: Custom URL Branding

                              This feature allows you to remove the SoGoSurvey logo and customize your survey report URL.

                              • With a custom report URL, you can update the first part of your link (before /zRMx/ReportName_random_key), as in this example: http://www.yourname.com/zRMx/ReportName_random_key
                              • Once the URL branding feature is enabled, your emailed reports will look like the following, without the ‘Powered by SoGoSurvey’ logo displayed.

                              If you would like to incorporate this feature in your next project, please contact our Support Team by sending us an email at support1@sogosurvey.com. We will be glad to help.

                              Based on your display resolution or browser zoom, you may see a 3-dot icon on the far right of the Report menu bar. Click here to access Saved Reports, Emailed Reports, and Filter Manager.