Data Encryption

With SoGoSurvey, it’s simple to enable high-quality SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption so that survey responses are encrypted during transmission. Meet your goals easily:

  • Encrypt survey responses
  • Protect sensitive data such as Social Security Number, Salary, Contact Information
  • Reassure participants that their data is safe

SoGoSurvey’s Secure Surveys with SSL Encryption makes you and your participants feel secure by ensuring that your data is safe and protected. SSL Encryption is primarily used when your survey includes sensitive information or when participants are sharing documents or any personal details.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It was originally developed by Netscape to protect information sent over the Internet from eavesdropping and fraudulent activities. It works through the encryption of data between web browsers and web servers. A URL with “https” means the SSL connection will be used, and almost all websites that ask you to log in, including SoGoSurvey, use the SSL connection. In survey technology, Secure Surveys with SSL Encryption are critical for maintaining participant privacy and information integrity.

Here’s how to set the SSL feature:

  1. Select your survey, then click on the Edit icon.
  2. Click on the Options icon and select Security.
  3. Enable “Do your respondents require a high level of security when submitting their survey responses?”
  4. Click on Save.

Once this feature is set, the survey participation URL will look similar to the following link:

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