Display Options

Update the way results are displayed by customizing questions, graphs, and metrics regarding survey participation.

If at any point you’d like to clear customization and return to the default report display, click the Reset All icon on the right side of the screen.

Question Options

  • To edit question text content or formatting, click on the question itself.
  • To add a question to the canvas, hover over the question and click on the Add to canvas icon.
  • To modify display options, hover over the question and click on the Question Options icon to display these options:
    • Graph: Hide/Show
    • Data table: Hide/Show
    • Statistical Widget: For numerical questions, hide/show statistical calculations like sum, mean, median, mode, min, max and standard deviation will be displayed.
    • Decimal places: 0, 1, 2
    • Percentage based on: Responses to this question or total survey responses
    • Split Sub-question: For Grid questions, choose to see each question separately
    • Rearrange Sub-questions: For Grid questions, choose to rearrange sub-questions
    • Apply filter: Apply new or existing filter to this or all survey questions
    • Apply Segmentation: Divide based on a Segmentation question and answers.

Graph Options

To modify graph display or formatting, hover over the graph and click on the three dots that appear in the top right. You may choose to modify answer options, update graph appearance, or add the question to the canvas.

  • To modify answers, click Answer Options from the three-dot menu.
    • To edit text, hover over an answer option and click to modify.
    • To rearrange the order of answer options, hover over percentage, select the small icon that appears to the right, and drag and drop to the preferred location.
    • To merge answer options, check the boxes in front of each and click on the Merge icon below.
    • To hide an answer option (without recalculating), check the box in front of it and click on the Hide icon below.
    • To exclude an answer option (and remove it from calculation), check the box in front of it and click on the Exclude icon below.

All changes will be reflected in both graphs and data tables for this question.

  • To modify the appearance of graphics, click Customize Graph from the three-dot menu
    • To choose a new graph type, click on the image of your choice, including:
      • Horizontal Stacked Bar Graph
      • Vertical Bar Graph
      • Horizontal Bar Graph
      • Pie Chart
      • Bubble Chart
      • Radar Chart
      • Donut Chart
      • Area Chart
    • To make the graph 3D, check the box in front of 3D Graph.
    • To change the range displayed, choose from the dropdown menu next to Scale range.
    • To update colors, select your choice from the dropdown menu next to Color Palette, and/or check the Reverse colors box.

Updates will be made only to this graph. To replicate these settings throughout your report, click Apply to all graphs. To add this graph to your canvas, click the three-dot menu and choose Add to Canvas.

Survey Metrics

  • To display information about responses included in the report, click on the Survey Metrics icon or text. Fields include:
    • Survey Dates
    • Distribution Method(s)
    • Participant Details
    • Data Source(s)
  • To add a field to the canvas, hover over the text and check the bubble that appears beside it. Once all fields are selected, click Add To Canvas.

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