Distribute Tab Tour

Once your survey is created and ready, the Distribute interface lets you manage contact lists and email templates, launch and track surveys, and more. Choose from multiple publication channels to expand your outreach while maintaining the integrity of your data.

  1. Test lets you generate a test link or email a test invitation and survey to team members for review prior to your real launch.
  2. Publish directs you to a menu of options for delivering, posting, or otherwise distributing your survey in the ways that work best for your audience.
  3. Shareable URL lets you quickly generate a multi-access link for use on your website, or manage multiple links for use in various locations.
  4. Track Survey lets you track the distribution of your survey by channel, from high-level to specific detail.
  5. Reminders will allow you to send participation reminders to only those who have not yet responded to your survey.
  6. Website Feedback Survey gives you the chance to gather feedback on your own site from visitors.
  7. Email Templates allows you to create, save, and manage email invitations.
  8. Contact Lists lets you create, save, and manage lists of email and unique ID contacts and their attributes.

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