Distribution Options

SoGoSurvey provides multiple avenues for expanding your survey’s outreach while still maintaining the integrity of your data. Reach out to your audience with a whole, new survey experience that meets them at exactly the right moment.

There are a variety of options for inviting respondents to participate in your survey. The most popular choices are email distribution and posting public links on websites and social media platforms. We currently offer fourteen social media integration’s, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Blogger. SoGoSurvey works without boundaries. You can launch surveys to participants anywhere around the world and still track their responses instantly.

Before you publish your survey, review the options to make sure you’re using the best possible method – or methods – of reaching your audience.

Distribute Survey via Email Invitation

You have the choice of sending two types of email invitations. Each type functions differently:

  • Single-Use Link: A Unique URL will be sent to each email address in your contact list. Only one response can be submitted for each participation link. This helps both prevent Ballot Box Stuffing and track participation details. These invitations also make it possible to send reminders.

Each link is intended only for the participant it was sent to. Hence the e-mail invitation shouldn’t be forwarded or shared.

  • Multi-Use Link: Each email address is sent a URL that can be used multiple times to participate in the survey. Participants can invite their friends/colleagues to participate in the survey just by sharing the survey link.

Multi-access links do not allow individual participants to be tracked, so reminders cannot be sent.

Publish Survey on Social Media

To expand your audience, you can publish surveys on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, Buffer, Digg, Bitly, Blogger, Exchangle, Google Classroom, Trello, and Yammer.

To track your survey participants, you can also enable the ‘Authenticate Response’ feature for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

These options allow you to generate a code or a link that can be directly placed onto your website. Collect responses from website visitors using any of the following options:

  • Survey Link on Website: The Survey Administrator can place the survey participation URL on a website or blog.
  • Embed Survey on Website: The Survey Administrator can either embed a survey on a website or display it in a pop-up window. The generated code contains the survey link as well as the scripted code that helps you embed the survey on to website. The URL generated is a Multi-use URL that can be accessed multiple times.
  • Embed Invitation with Survey on Website: This feature allows you to integrate a survey URL on the website. This will load the survey as soon as the webpage gets loaded. Just like the previous option, this method also generates a link and its associated code which can be added to your website’s code. The URL generated is a Multi-use URL that can be accessed multiple times.

Generate Offline Passwords/Keys

This feature allows you to create passwords for participants who do not have email addresses. These serve as passwords for accessing the survey. There are two such types of access codes:

  • Single-use: Each key can only be used once
  • Multi-use: These keys are reusable and can be used by multiple users.

Publish vis SMS/Text Message

This feature lets you publish survey links through SMS/text messages, giving the flexibility to respondents to participate remotely via mobile phones.

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