Downgrade Account


To ensure access to only the required Plus, Pro and Enterprise features after you have completed your survey project, you may choose to downgrade your SoGoSurvey account at a minimal fee and retain all your data.

Below are the downgrade options we offer for various packages:

Design State Downgrade

Downgrading to this state allows you to do everything except send new invitations and receive new responses. Depending on your current package, you will be able to run reports, export, import and even design new surveys for your next project. When you are ready to resume your account, you may restore it.

  • Design State for Plus account: $29
  • Design State for Pro account: $96
  • Design State for Enterprise account: $238

Report State Downgrade

If you wish to access the data in your account for generating reports and exporting it for offline analysis, you may choose the report state. Pay a minimal fee to keep your account in this state to just run reports and export data.

  • Report State for Plus account: $14
  • Report State for Pro account: $48
  • Report State for Enterprise account: $119

Hibernate State Downgrade

If you would like to retain your data and the existing plan and resume sometime in the future, you may choose the hibernate state. Your data will be safe with us and you can come back anytime and reactivate your account.

  • Hibernate State for Plus account: $6
  • Hibernate State for Pro account: $19
  • Hibernate State for Enterprise account: $48

Once you submit a downgrade request, you will be able to use all features until the end of your current billing cycle, after which the downgrade state will be activated. The state you select will be visible in the header section of your account.