Email Template Compatibility

The email templates created in SoGoSurvey are compatible with almost every email client. They are coded such that they render perfectly for each of your participants. However, there are a couple of email clients which overwrite the code and may mess up the look and feel of your emails. For example, this issue may occur with Outlook Web App and AOL Desktop Mail. Below are a few known issues in these email clients.

  • CSS styles don’t work or are overwritten
  • Gaps appear in the table layouts
  • Image width breaks and ruins the layout
  • Borders and dividers appear incorrectly
  • Button height in emails is inconsistent
  • Background and font color issues
  • Extra spaces appear beneath various elements

While these bugs are fixable, coding to address these specific issues causes emails to break for all other email clients. If you face any of the above mentioned issues, feel free to write to us at Support and we will help you create email templates specific to these email clients.

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