Export Formats


SoGoSurvey offers many formats through which you can export your survey results to review as raw data offline. Your data will be ready and waiting for you in the format you need. Choose from eight different formats, including Excel, SPSS, and CSV.

Exporting your results is a great way to share your raw data with others or to archive your data for your own records. Data may be exported at any time.

Export to Excel

Excel is a common and useful tool for scientific and statistical analysis with large data sets. Both beginners and advanced users use Excel to maximize the value of their data. EXCEL format

Export To CSV

CSV (comma-separated values) files can be used with any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, or even Notepad. CSV is a common file format used regularly in financial services. Most applications will allow you to import and export data in CSV format for research and data analysis.CSV format

Export to XML

Extensible Markup Language (XML) lets you separate survey data from its questions. Your XML file contains your document information (text, data) and identifies its structure. Your formatting and other processing needs are identified separately in a stylesheet or processing system. XML stores data in plain text format. The storage is independent of your platform and your data can be exported, imported, or simply moved much more easily.XML format

Export to SPSS

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is an available export option that downloads an SAV file. This format is used for a clean and easy export of responses.

spss format

Export to Access

MS Access helps you to integrate your raw survey data into your existing access database for data integration and evaluation.access

Export to Word

Exporting data to Word helps you to review, document and archive individual responses from participants.document export

Export to HTML

Data can be exported to HTML format.reports_5_0001s_0002_Layer-145

Export to SoGoSurvey1

Use this format when you plan to import data back into the SoGoSurvey platform. When exported in this format, a Microsoft Excel document containing the raw data will be provided. However, it will contain some modifications which will enable the data to be re-loaded into the SoGoSurvey platform smoothly and easily.reports_6_0010_Layer-146