Export Reports

With just one click on Export, you can share real-time, professional reports with client or colleagues. Export options include MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint, making your data easy to use and ready to go. Exporting your data in these formats help you to create a perfect offline survey report by:

  • Quickly generating visually striking presentations
  • Creating easily shareable professional charts, graphs, and tables.
  • Ensuring your results are well received by decision makers

Export options may vary based on report type, as expressed in the table below:

  MS Word MS Excel MS Excel 2 MS PowerPoint MS PowerPoint 2
Individual y y
Verbatim y y
Cross Tab y y
Response Table y
Bar Graph y y y y y
Conditional y y y y
Pivot table y y
Comparison y y y
Frequency Table y y
Statistical y y
Response trend y
Response Rate y y y y
Assessment y
Advance Frequency y y y y y
Segmentation y
Ballot Box Stuffing y y y

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