How can I change and customize the text of my survey?

You can customize the font, font size and font color of your survey two different ways.

  1. If you need to specifically change the text on one part of the survey, simply go to edit the text and select the desired size and color for the text from the toolbar. By default, the style of text is the same as the settings from Visual Settings.
  2. To change the overall text for a survey, do so under Visual Settings. There you will find the ability to change the color of question and answer choice text under Colors, as well as the ability to set the font type, size and style throughout the survey under Font.

Please note: If you find that your some of your question text is still appearing different from the settings you applied, consider removing the Format from those questions. Often, if you copy and paste the questions directly from a document, some of the formatting code from the document is also copied with the text, making it appear different. To remove any additional formatting, simply highlight the words and click on the Tx button within the text editing toolbar.


How can I change the title of my survey?

You can change the title of your survey under Settings, and then Title, Description, Owner.

If you are looking to change the text that appears at the top of each page of your survey, then you might be looking to change the Header of your survey. To edit the header, simply go into Designer, and you’ll see the header at the top of each survey page. Click to edit and remember to save!


How do I add an “Other” option to my question?

The question types within Engage that allow you to add an “Other, please specify” option are listed below:

– Radio Button

– Horizontal Radio Button

– Rating Radio Button

– Checkbox

– List Box

To apply an “Other” option, simply check the box that says “Include ‘Other’ text responses” found at the bottom of your answer options when editing a question.


How do I add a comment or statement onto a survey that only appears once?

To add any one time instructions, statements or comments onto your survey, use the Comment type question! Simply drag and drop, then enter in your text. Remember to save!


How do I add a “thank you” message to my survey?

  1. From the Designer page, click the Survey Options tab.
  2. Select Thank You Page from the left panel.
  3. Select Yes for Thank You Message option.
  4. Enter your content in the field below.
    This Thank you message will be seen by all participants upon clicking SUBMIT in the survey.


Can I make any edits to a survey that is already live?

If your survey is live and you have already received responses, then you can still make the following changes:

  1. You can edit/add answer options to your questions! Simply hover over the answer options and click on the “+” to add an option, or the pencil button to edit an option.
  2. You can add secondary languages to a live survey
  3. You can enable/disable SSL for a live survey
  4. You can edit all event messages
  5. You can enable/disable print options for a live survey
  6. You can make questions mandatory in a live survey
  7. You can change the answer sequence on questions in a live survey

If none of the above are the edits you wish to make in your live survey, then you may need to apply Switch Invitations. To learn more about edits you can make to a live survey, watch this video.


How do I add a header/footer to my survey?

  1. From the Designer page, click the Add Header/ Add Footer strip present at the top/bottom of the page tab.
  2. Enter your header/footer content in the text boxes.
  3. The header/footer content will be seen on the top and/or bottom of every survey page.

Add Survey Header and Footer


Can I insert a graphic in the footer of my survey?

Yes. You can insert a graphic in the footer of your survey using HTML code. The graphic will need to be hosted on the internet in order for you to accomplish this. Please contact Support for more details.


Can I insert a graphic as part of a survey question?

Yes. You can insert graphics in your survey questions as well as answer options. Above the Question Text Box and Answer options, there is an Icon, Add media. Click on this icon.

Click on the Browse button to locate the file on your computer. Click on Save to upload the image.


Images/media can also be added using a URL or an embed code

You can also choose the image position of left, right or center of the question.

If you would like the image to redirect the participant to another page when the person clicks on it, enter in the URL of that page under Redirect URL. Content that you want to appear beneath the image can be entered in the field called Caption.


Can I use audio/image/video files to my survey?

Yes. Audio and video files can be used in your survey. If your account is equipped with this feature. Above the Question Text Box and Answer options, there is an Icon, Add media. Click on this icon.

To add an audio/video file, click on the Browse button to locate the file on your computer.


You can also choose the file position to be above or below the question. Content that you want to appear beneath the audio/video file should be entered in the Caption field.


How do I direct my participants to questions that only apply to them?

You can direct your participants to specific questions or pages by using the Branching feature. Branching allows you to guide each participant along a path of specific questions based on answers the participant has already chosen from previous questions.

There are two types of Branching that can be applied to your survey, Simple Branching and Advanced. To learn more about Branching within your survey, watch these two videos – Simple – Advanced


How do I copy a survey?

On the Design main page, select the survey and click Make a Copy.

Select an option “In This Account” or “Into Different Account“.

A message will appear indicating that the copied survey is available and also the folder it can be found in.


What is the difference between rating and ranking questions?

A ranking question asks the participant to place in order of preference each item listed. An example of this might be to rank from 1 to 3 (where 1 is the best), their favorite ice cream flavor from a list provided.

A rating question is similar to radio button or drop down question where the participant is asked to select one option that represents a preference. However, in addition to providing answer options, you can also assign a numeric value. An example of a rating question might be to assign a grade from A through F to the question “What grade would you give our customer service staff?” When you review the Bar Graph report for this question, you will see not only the number of times each grade was selected by participants, but also a weighted score that represents the quantitative value of the grades selected. So if you entered the grades A, B, C, F and corresponding numbers of 4, 3, 2 and 1 respectively, then based on the number of times A, B, C or F were selected, the system will compute the numeric score to provide a weighted score for this question.

Sample Ranking Question:3

Sample Rating Question:Rating question


Why are there extra line breaks in my survey question?

Most often the presence of these line breaks are a result of copying/pasting from Microsoft Word documents directly into the system. When you do so, you not only copy the text of your questions, but also some special characters (HTML code) that you do not see while copying and pasting into the system.
In order to resolve this issue, simply click the Source button in the Question text box and paste the question text there.
You may also, copy/paste your text from MS Word into Notepad, and then copy/paste from Notepad into the system. This will remove all of the special characters from your text and remove the unwanted spaces in your questions.


How can I change the contact information found in the “thank you” message of my survey?

From the Build page, click the Settings tab.

Select Thank You Page from the left panel.

Select Yes for Thank You Message option.

Enter your updated contact information in the field below.
This content will be seen by all participants upon clicking SUBMIT button in the survey.


Can I switch between question types?

Yes! Learn more here:

Change Question Type