Can you share some best practices for designing a survey?

Of course! Here’s our quick video on a few best practices in survey design:

How do I expire my survey?

To meet your needs, multiple expiration options are available:

  1. To choose expiration options while editing: Within your survey, click on the Options icon in the Design menu bar. From the dropdown, choose Expiry Rules.
  2. To expire a live survey immediately: Click on the All Surveys icon in the top left corner of your screen. Hover over the green dot in front of your survey’s name, then click the dropdown arrow beside the dot and choose Expire.
  3. To set advanced expiration options on a live survey: Click on the All Surveys icon in the top left corner of your screen. Then, hover over your survey and click More, then Expiry Rules. Choose one of the options listed and then click Save.
    • To immediately expire your survey, select ‘Expire the survey now’.
    • To leave the survey open as long as you have your account, select ‘Expire when the account expires’.
    • To set a specific date or more complex expiry conditions, select ‘Advanced Expiration Rules’ and make your choices.

Can I edit an active survey?

Yes. You can edit the question text and answer option text in an active survey. To make text changes to your active survey, simply hover your mouse over the question or answer text and click to Edit icon to edit.

To help preserve the integrity of your data, structural changes are not allowed once a survey becomes active, but you can add or delete a question/page. Structural changes include changing question types, add Branching, Question Display Logic, Data population or remove Piping.

To learn more about options for editing a live survey, check out this video.

What happens if I edit a live survey?

Think twice before you make changes to a live survey.

If it’s a small change, like fixing a typo or changing the background color, no worries.

If it’s a more significant change in the content presented to participants, consider all of the possible impacts to participants, to reports, and to any saved settings.

A few examples:

  • Added a question? Results will suggest that participants who didn’t see the question simply did not answer.
  • Deleted an answer option? Results will suggest that participants who chose that answer simply did not answer.
  • Deleted a question? If it was used to generate a filter or conditions in a report, the filter or report will be deleted.

More scenarios:

  • A filter will be deleted if it is based on a question or answer option that is deleted.
  • An emailed report will be deleted if it is based on a deleted question or answer option.
  • A Conditional Report, Cross Tab, Pivot Table, or Comparison Report will be deleted if its conditions are based on deleted questions or answers.
  • If all open-ended questions in a survey are deleted, a blank Verbatim Report may be generated.
  • The Omni Report must be reset to include any newly added question.
  • Removing the first sub-question in a grid question will delete the grid in an Omni Report.

Do you have any suggestions about avoiding common mistakes in survey design?

Sure! Take a look at our video on common survey design pitfalls and how to avoid them:

How do I copy a survey?
You have two options to make a copy of your survey:

  1. Create
    • From Home, click the Create Survey icon. From any other screen, click ‘+ Create’ in the top right.
    • Under ‘Where would you like to begin?’ Click on ‘Copy an Existing Survey’.
  2. Copy
    • Click on the All Surveys icon in the top left corner of your screen.
    • Hover over the survey you’d like to copy, then click on More at the far right.
    • From the dropdown, click Copy.
    • Choose whether to copy this survey into this or a different account.

Does SoGoSurvey have a mobile app I can use to create quick surveys and collect data on the go?

Absolutely! Check out the intro video below, then download the app and see for yourself!

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