How do I expire my survey?

On the Design main page, select the survey you wish to expire and click on the Edit button on the toolbar above, select Expiry Rules from the drop down.

Select the Expire the survey now option to immediately expire your survey, and click Save.

Select the Advanced Expiry Rules option if you wish to expire your survey at some predetermined point in future.


How do I get a survey link to put on my website or to send out via my own email?

Go to Distribution main page, select the survey and click Manage Public URLs.
Click New on this page and provide a description for this Public survey link and click Generate URL.
You may use this link on your web page or to send invitations through your own email.


Can I edit an active survey?

Yes. You can edit the question text and answer option text in an active survey. To make text changes to your active survey, simply hover your mouse over the question or answer text and click to Edit icon to edit.

To help preserve the integrity of your data, structural changes are not allowed once a survey becomes active. Structural changes include adding or deleting questions, adding or deleting answer options, or changing question types, add branching or remove piping.


The edit button is greyed out, why can’t I edit my survey?

Edit is disabled for expired surveys. In order to edit an expired survey, you may either:

  • Copy the survey and edit the copied version, Or
  • “Un-expire” the survey by accessing the Expiry Rules section and enter a future date for expiration.