Can you share some suggestions about survey distribution?

Definitely! Here’s our quick video on a few best practices in survey distribution:


How do I get a survey link to put on my website or to send out via my own email?

  1. Select your survey, then choose Distribute.
  2. On the Distribute menu bar, click on Shareable URL.
  3. From the dropdown, click ‘Get a Shareable URL’.
  4. Follow the wizard to get the link.


I have an Excel file with email addresses. How can I use it to send out my surveys via email?
You have two options:

  • While publishing, upload your Excel file when prompted to choose the source of addresses.
  • Create a List within Contact Lists prior to publishing to simplify publishing and improve the quality and organization of your distribution. This method is recommended. Click here to learn more about how to create a List from email addresses.

Either way, be sure your email address are saved in the first column of either an Excel or CSV file. If you’re using any additional attributes for either Mail Merge or Data Population, each attribute should be its own additional column.


Why doesn’t my List appear in the dropdown when I’m trying to publish?
If the List you build is not showing up, it is likely that your list was created using Unique IDs rather than Email addresses. Please recreate your list in the Contact Lists and be sure to identify the List type as Email Address List in the first step.
Why aren’t my invitations being delivered to my recipients’ inboxes?

There are several reasons why your invitations may not be making it to your recipients’ inboxes. Common reasons include: the person’s inobox is full, their email address was typed incorrectly, their mail server does not accept HTML emails, or the recipients’ server was inaccessible. Emails can also get caught in spam filters if they resemble a piece of spam mail, so it is important to customize the subject line and body of your invitation message. For more information on this topic, please contact Support.


How do I reschedule my email invitations?
On the Distribute menu bar, click on Track Survey. Choose the distribution method you used to schedule your invitations (Single-Use or Multi-Use Link) by clicking on the relevant card or the left panel menu. Then, click on the View/Edit Scheduled Invites button to reschedule.


How do I send invitations to a few people and NOT the entire list?

  1. When publishing, choose ‘From a List’ as the source of your addresses.
  2. In the dropdown that appears, choose ‘Selected Email Addresses’.
  3. Click on the chosen email addresses on the left and click on the Add icon to transfer them to the box on the right.
  4. Continue publishing, and only selected email addresses will receive the invitations.


Can I send more than one email invite to the same email address?

Yes, you can send multiple email invitations to the same email address. To do so, when building your List, make sure to allow for duplicate email addresses to be loaded.


How do I send reminders to people I’ve already invited to participate in my survey?
If a survey is launched through either Single-Use or Multi-Use Link email invitations, Intelligent Reminders can be delivered to only those who have not yet participated.

  1. Under Distribute, select your survey and then click Send Reminder.
  2. Choose who should receive Reminders:
    • If you would like to send Reminders to only selected Email addresses, check the box to the left of each address and click Send/Schedule Reminder.
    • If you would like to remind everyone, click Send/Schedule Reminder to All. Click OK on the pop-up prompt.
  3. Follow the wizard to send your Reminders immediately or schedule them for later.


I accidentally sent out real invitations to my survey when I meant to send out test invites. Now I need to edit my survey but I’m unable to do so. What should I do?

If the responses you have received are not important for your dataset (for example, the respondents were only reviewing your survey formatting but you aren’t interested in their actual answers) then you can delete their responses to return your survey to Edit mode. To delete the responses, follow the steps below:

  1. Select your survey. From the Distribute menu bar, click Track Survey.
  2. Select all email addresses and click Delete. All selected invitations and their responses will be deleted. Note: This action cannot be undone.

If you do not wish to delete the already submitted responses but need to make edits to your survey, please contact Support for details on possible options.


How can I change the name and email address found in my email invitation?

Email invitations can be modified under Email Templates. Hover over the relevant fields and make your changes. Note: If you change the Sender Email Address field, you will be required to verify this address.


Do you have any suggestions about avoiding common mistakes in survey distribution?

Sure! Take a look at our video on common survey distribution pitfalls and how to avoid them: