Do you have any suggestions about avoiding common mistakes in survey reports?

Sure! Take a look at our video on common survey reporting pitfalls and how to avoid them:


How do I create a report in the system that shows the responses of only those people who answered a question with a given answer (i.e., only those people who live in California)?

This type of report is called a Conditional Report. You can create this report by selecting your survey in the Report, and clicking on the Conditional button.

  1. Select the conditional question you would like to use (i.e., “What state do you live in?”).
  2. Select the condition (i.e., “IS” or “IS NOT”).
  3. Select the answer to the conditional question (i.e., “California”).
  4. Click Continue, and select the questions you would like to be included in your report.
  5. Click Generate Report.

Note – you can add up to 15 conditions in one Conditional Report.


How do I use reports I’ve created in the system in a PowerPoint presentation?

You can export reports for individual questions using the VIEW CHART icon above the Basic/Advanced Charting icon.

On clicking on this icon, a pop-up window will open that will allow you to customize your Advanced Chart, as well as print a hardcopy of that report or save it as a .PNG file.

Apart from this you can also export all questions with advanced chart settings to PPT file by clicking on Export button with PowerPoint icon at the bottom of the report page.


How do I share reports with others?

You can email any type of report you create in the system to others. After you have finished creating your report, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Send via Email button. You will have the opportunity to title your report, insert a name to be included as the sender, insert an email address to be included as the sender, the subject of the email, and the email addresses to which you would like to send the report (separated by commas). The body of the email is fully customizable, except for what appears between the arrows (). If you delete or modify this placeholder line, the link to your reports will not work. At the bottom of the report, you can indicate the date on which the report will expire. If the person you send it to tries to access the report after this date, they will receive a message that the report is no longer active.