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    Project Basics

    Do you have any suggestions about avoiding common mistakes in reports?

    Sure! Take a look at our video on common reporting pitfalls and how to avoid them:


    How do I create a report in the system that shows the responses of only those people who answered a question with a given answer (i.e., only those people who live in California)?

    A Conditional Report is the perfect choice. From the Report menu bar, click on Frequency, then choose Conditional from the dropdown menu.

    1. Select the conditional question you would like to use (i.e., “What state do you live in?”).
    2. Select the condition (i.e., “IS” or “IS NOT”).
    3. Select the answer to the conditional question (i.e., “California”).
    4. Click Generate to finish or Continue to customize further options.

    Note: You can add up to 15 conditions in one Conditional Report.

    How do I use reports I’ve created in the system in a PowerPoint presentation?

    Download a complete report in PowerPoint by clicking on the Download icon in the top right of a generated report and selecting PowerPoint.

    Download results for specific questions by clicking on the View Chart icon beside the Basic/Advanced chart option. This option allows you to customize your chart, then print or save it as a .png file.

    How do I share reports with others?

    Beyond simply downloading or exporting results, SoGoSurvey allows you to share dynamic links to many reports directly to key team members. Each time an emailed report is accessed, updated results will be displayed.

    1. Once your report is generated, click on the envelope icon to the top right of the report screen.
    2. Follow the Share via Email wizard to customize details, identify recipient(s), and send.
    3. Keep track of these emailed reports, including updating expiration dates or disabling access, by clicking on Emailed Reports on the right end of the Report menu bar.