Visual Settings

How do I change the font of my survey?
From the Designer page, select the Visual Settings tab. You may change the font type, size, and color by clicking Text in the left panel. Changes made via this interface will affect each of the identified categories of text in the survey. For further options, click Advanced Controls at the top of the menu. If changes to font styles are made while creating a question, those changes will remain intact.

How do I change the colors in my survey?
Click on the Visual Settings tab from the Designer page. Click on the Colors section and select the desired colors for each category identified. To set a full background color or image, select Background. You may choose a color, select a pre-loaded image, or upload your own image. Alternatively, you can choose a color template from the system templates, available under Templates on the same page.

How do I upload a logo to my survey?
On the Designer page, Click on Add logo. You may upload a new logo, fetch an image from a URL or copy another survey’s logo by selecting an option from the drop down here. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your work.

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