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Project Basics
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                                  • Good to Know

                                    File Formats Accepted

                                    To send invitations to numerous email addresses/mobile numbers, you may upload a list in a .txt, .csv, .xls, or .xlsx file format. The following requirements are applicable for all file types:

                                    • The file size may not exceed 9 MB.
                                    • Blank records will be ignored when sending invites.

                                    Additional requirements and notes by format type

                                    • .XLS and .XLSX
                                      • Email addresses/mobile numbers must be included in the first column.
                                      • Only the first column of the first sheet will be used to send invitations.
                                    • .CSV
                                      • Email addresses/mobile numbers may appear in any column on the first sheet.
                                      • Only the first sheet will be used to send invitations.
                                      • When separating email addresses/mobile numbers in the same cell using commas, invites will not be sent to email addresses/mobile numbers at the start and at the end of the list.
                                    • .TXT file
                                      • Separate email addresses/mobile numbers by commas or line breaks.
                                      • Any .txt files generated using Mac machines may not work.