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                              Google Analytics

                              What’s the big idea?
                              Google Analytics is a product offered by Google that helps track and report website traffic. Organizations that use Google Analytics are interested in learning more about the online behavior of their customers or other visitors. This information can help organizations identify how well they are reaching their goals, as well as what improvements they might want to make.

                              If you’re interested, start by setting up a Google Analytics account.

                              If you already have a Google Analytics account and you want to connect it to your surveys, you’re in the right place!

                              Getting Connected

                              Once you have set up a Google Analytics account and added a Public URL for tracking, Google will provide a tracking ID.

                              To find and copy your Google Analytics account number:

                              1. Log in to your Google Analytics account at http://www.google.com/analytics
                              2. From the Overview page, select the account with the profile to be tracked. Note that this code is profile-specific.
                              3. Next to your profile, find Google Analytics account number in this format: UA-XXXXXX-X.

                              Use your Google Analytics account in connection with your SoGoSurvey account for added tracking and insights.

                              1. Within your SoGoSurvey account, click on Utilities and choose Integrations.
                              2. Choose Google Analytics from the left panel.
                              3. Enter the tracking number in the text box available in Google Analytics page.
                              4. Once you click Save (toward the footer section of the page), data of who is accessing your survey will be sent back to your Google account.