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                              How do I exercise my GDPR rights?

                              SoGoSurvey takes pride in protecting your data with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Whenever information directly or indirectly identifying you or your individual participants is stored or processed, your data protection rights must be respected. SoGoSurvey ensures that your data is protected in accordance with your data rights

                              Whether you have created a survey or responded to one, SoGoSurvey helps you to exercise your rights and your participants to exercise theirs. The rights afforded by GDPR are as follows:

                              • The right to be informed
                              • The right of access
                              • The right to rectification
                              • The right to erasure
                              • The right to restrict processing
                              • The right to data portability
                              • The right to object

                              Any personal data collected or stored with SoGoSurvey falls under these data protection rights. These include details like your name, phone number, location, email address, or any online identifier.

                              SoGoSurvey User vs Participant

                              If you are a SoGoSurvey user, as per our Privacy Policy, you are responsible for all data you collect. Participants who reach out to us with data requests will be directed to follow up with you, and we expect you to resolve their requests. The guide below provides details regarding rights and resolving requests.

                              If you are a participant in a survey administered on SoGoSurvey and you are concerned about your data protection right as a participant, contact your survey sender or the organization you received the survey from. If this is not possible or there is no response, please contact us and we will work to resolve your issue right away.

                              Exercising Your Rights

                              Right to be informed

                              Your participants have the right to know what, why, and how their data is collected and processed. Add a link to your relevant privacy and other policies to keep participants informed.

                              Right to access

                              You are responsible for all data you collect using SoGoSurvey. If any of the respondents request to access their data, you are solely responsible for providing them with this data.

                              In accordance with article 27 of GDPR, SoGoSurvey has a certified GDPR representative.

                              If you would like to make a request to SoGoSurvey regarding any queries about data privacy, click here. Choose the right you would like to exercise, provide identification, and send in your request. Our representative will follow up with you within 72 hrs.

                              Right to rectification

                              You have the right to correct data stored in your SoGoSurvey account. Data such as your account and billing information, participant contact information, and responses can be modified as needed.

                              Here are a few options:

                              Right to erasure (Right to be forgotten)

                              As needed, you can cancel your SoGoSurvey account and all your data will be deleted. For details on our data retention policy, review our privacy policy or reach out to us at privacy@sogosurvey.com.

                              If you are looking to delete only a particular set of data, including invitations, responses or contact information, these SoGoSurvey features will help:

                              Right to restrict processing

                              Contact us if you would like to restrict your data from being processed. If you are a survey participant, please reach out to the survey sender. The sender is responsible for your data.

                              Right to data portability

                              All data collected using SoGoSurvey can be downloaded offline. Here’s how:

                              If you have questions about exporting any other data or regarding the right to portability, please contact our team for assistance.

                              Right to object

                              Please contact us if you want to exercise your right to object to the data we store about you, and we’ll be happy to help.