Add a Question


The survey creation process is simple and easy in SoGoSurvey. Questions are added manually, by either using the drag-and-drop technique or by double-clicking the question type.

Drag and Drop Question Types

  1. You can start adding questions by simply dragging the desired question from the left panel and dropping it on the canvas (at the center of the screen)Drag and drop
  2. Start entering questions and answer options, and save the changes.Add Question_2
  3. If required, change the question type by clicking on the Question Type menu on the left.Add a Question_3

Using the Question Bank

Questions that are used again and again can be deposited in the Question Bank. In future surveys, instead of recreating the questions, you will be able to reuse the same questions.
Here’s how you can add a question from the Question Bank:

  1. Navigate to the Question Bank in the left panel of Build tab.Add a Question_4
  2. Select system categories or user-defined categories, and also select the question bank group name. Drag and drop the desired questions in your survey.QB_Drag and drop

You can create up to 50 groups in the Question Bank, and up to 100 questions in each group.

Learn How To:
Deposit a question in the Question Bank

Add/Edit Layout

After adding questions to your survey, you may need to format your text.
SoGoSurvey offers various text formatting features. To apply these formatting features, navigate to the question, hover on the question text, and click on Edit. A formatting content editor will be displayed. To apply the formatting, uncheck ‘Copy font settings from Visual Settings,’ and then apply any of the desired formatting options.

Add a Question_6

  • Undo: Reset all changes made to the survey question
  • Redo: Retain all changes that were reset in the ‘Undo’ step
  • Copy font settings from Visual Settings: Matches the font settings (size, face, and color) set under the Visual Settings tab
  • Bold, Italic, and Underline: Change your question text to bold, italic, and/or underline
  • Remove Format: Allows you to remove all the formatting you applied
  • Align Left, Center, Right, and Justify: Align the question to left, center, right, or justify
  • Size: Allows you to change the font size of the question text
  • Text Color: Allows you to change the font color of the question text
  • Link: Allows you to hyperlink the question text
  • Unlink: Allows you to remove any hyperlink associated with the question text
  • Spell Check: Check the question text for any spelling errors
  • Paste from Word: Paste content from Microsoft Word without any additional underlying HTML tags
  • Source: Toggle the source icon to apply formatting to the question text by adding HTML tags directly



Change Question Type