Add a Question

The survey creation process is simple and easy in SoGoSurvey. To add questions to the survey canvas, you may drag and drop or double-click a Question Type icon or a Question Bank item.

The Question Bank is designed to simplify survey creation even further. If you’d like to use the same question in multiple surveys without starting from scratch, you may save the question to the Question Bank and add it to a future survey.

Add a Question Type

  1. To add a question to a specific location, drag and drop the Question Type icon onto the canvas. To automatically add a question to the end of the page, double-click the Question Type icon on the left.
  2. As needed, use the Question Type dropdown menu to switch question types.
  3. Enter question and answer text, then save.

Add a Bank Question

  1. Click on the Question Bank tab at the top of the Question Types menu.
  2. Click on System Categories if the question you’re looking for was loaded in your account by default. Click on User Defined Categories if you’re looking for a question that you saved.
  3. Next, click on the category you’re looking for.
  4. Double-click your chosen question to add it to the end of the page, or drag and drop the question into your chosen location.

Up to 50 custom categories can be added to the Question Bank, and up to 100 questions can be added to each category.

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