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                               CX Follow-up Questions

                              If you could ask your customers one question—any question—what would it be?
                              How about getting feedback which can help you grow? While CX metrics offer critical insights, your greatest learning opportunities depend on understanding the why behind the metrics. Once you understand customers’ preferences, likes, and dislikes, you’ll be able to identify where and how to improve.

                              For example:
                              You’ve been asking your questions a classic CSAT question about how satisfied they are with their recent purchase. Now, add a follow-up question based on their chosen rating (Positive, Neutral or Negative) to better understand their experience.

                              Here’s how:

                              1. Create or open a CX project.
                              2. Add a Metric question that best represents the standard you’d like to measure. The following question types are available:
                                1. CES
                                2. CSAT
                                3. NPS
                              3. Once you have entered the question text and reviewed the answer options, check ‘Add follow-up question(s)’​.

                              4. Next, on the pop-up, enter the details for your metric follow-up questions. Modify the required question text for follow-up questions along with the conditions.
                              5. Save your follow-up questions and their conditions.
                              6. Up to two metric follow-up questions can be added.

                              7. To modify the saved conditions of follow-up questions, click on the label added to your question or open Question Display Logic under Logic in the Design menu bar.
                              8. Additional Points:

                                1. CX follow-up questions may also be added to custom metrics questions as well.
                                2. Deleting a metric question will delete any linked follow-up questions.