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CX Project

      Adding Tags to Questions

      Group your metric and driver questions using Tags on individual question-level.

      For example:
      If you have a metric question that asks about satisfaction with the support team and another that asks about satisfaction with the sales team, add a question-level Tag to each to make it easy to review satisfaction with these teams on the CX Dashboard.

      Here’s how:

      1. Create or edit a CX project.
      2. As you build, you may choose to add Tags to metric and driver questions.

        If you have a Rating question that you would like to review on the Dashboard, you can set it as a Custom Metric within Design or identify it as a driver question under the CX Dashboard Settings. Learn more.

      3. Click on the Tag dropdown from the panel on the left. You may add one or more Tags as needed.

        You can only Tag answer options for Radio Button, Check Box, Drop Down and List Box question types.

      4. If you need to create a new Tag or a Category, click on Manage Tags and Categories within the dropdown menu.
      5. Be sure to save your question.
      6. To add or modify Tags, hover over a question and click on Tags within the menu options.