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CX Project

    Tag Types

    Tags offer flexibility in reviewing your data across the CX Dashboard. You might group multiple projects under the same touchpoint, product, or department, making it easier to review critical insights and trends throughout the customer journey and across your organization. Tags can be added to metric and driver questions.

    You can use tags in two different ways:

    • Question-Level Tags: Use a question-level Tag when you’d like to measure results of a specific question on your CX Dashboard.
      For example:
      You work hard to provide helpful resources to your clients, and they may use your resources at various touchpoints in the customer journey. Even if you ask for customers’ satisfaction with resources in different ways in different surveys, using a question-level ‘Resources’ Tag will allow you to track all of this feedback together.
    • Response-Level Tags: Answer-level Tags allow you to segment a participant’s entire response (including all metric and driver questions) based on their answer to a Radio Button, Check Box, Drop Down, or List Box question.
      For example:
      If you’d like to measure customers’ satisfaction with their particular product, include a question about product type and assign a Tag to each answer option. Whether you pre-populate the product type or the customer selects it directly, their answer to the CSAT metric question and any other metrics or drivers in the survey can be matched to their specific product type.

    Review Tags

    Tags can be added or removed while editing a question and reviewed under the Tags section. Here’s how:

    1. Create/Edit a CX project.
    2. Add your metric, driver, and other questions.
    3. Within the Design menu bar, click on Tags.
    4. Click Response Tags to view all questions with tagged answer options.

      If no questions appear here, return to Designer to add response-level Tags.

    5. Click Add Tag to modify Tags added to your answer options.
    6. Switching to Question Tags, you’ll see all the metric and driver question available in the survey listed here.
    7. By default, all Response Tags will be applied to each metric question.

      Response Tags will only be applied to a question based on the respondent’s choice of answer option.

    8. You can add more Tags to each question by clicking on Add Tags.
    9. Select Tags and choose to add to selected or all questions.

      If you choose to Add to all Questions, Tags will be added to all current questions and any future questions added to the survey.

    10. While reviewing Tags, question-level Tags will be light gray and response-level Tags will be shown in dark gray. Hover to display the Tag type.