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CX Project

    Adding Tags

    Adding Tags might be a great way to group your project under the same touchpoint, product or department and viewing data from across the project in a single bird eye-view in the CX Dashboard. Tags can be added on the project level or can be drilled down to question types.

    Here’s how:

    1. Your first chance to add Tags starts when creating a new CX project. While entering survey details, you may add one or more Tags. Any Tag added at this point will be a Project Tag and all questions in the project will be marked with the same Tag.
    2. As you build your survey, you may choose to add Tags to specific questions.
    3. Clicking on the Tag dropdown from the panel on the left. You may add one or more Tags as needed.
    4. If you need to create a new Tag or a Category, click on Manage Tags and Categories within the dropdown menu.
    5. Be sure to save your question.
    6. To add or modify Tags, hover over a question and click on Tags within the menu options.
    7. For an overview of all Tags added to the project, click Tags in the Design menu bar.
    8. Here you may view al the Tags added to the project, metric questions, and drivers.
    9. Make changes and click Save.