Text Analysis: Measure Response Sentiment

Reviewing every single open-ended response offers plenty of informative insights, but it can also be very time consuming. If you have a large number of responses and want to get a faster look at some common points and sentiments, Text Analysis can help.

With both a Word Cloud and easy to understand graphs and tables, this report delivers powerful results in a fraction of the time you’d need to read every comment. Examine common topics, then drill down on positive, neutral, and negative content so you can better understand the important takeaways.

Here’s how:

  1. Select your survey and click on Report.
  2. From the Report menu bar, choose Text Analysis.
  3. If your survey includes multiple open-ended questions, click on the settings icon on the right to choose the question(s) to be included.
  4. Review and drill down on results displayed.

Overall Metrics

Across the top, you’ll see cards with the following metrics:

  • Total Responses
  • Total Records
  • Positive Responses
  • Negative Responses
  • Neutral Responses


The Dashboard includes multiple elements that allow you to see an overall overview, a breakdown by topic, and a closer look at relevant responses.

For a closer look at certain segments of your data, click the blue Filter icon to create or apply a filter, or use the sentiment filter on the right.

Use the filter on the top left to apply conditions to your entire report. Use the filter on the right to review the Topic Graph and Word Cloud by sentiment.

  • Topic Graph: This graph categorizes all responses into topics.
    • Hover over each topic’s donut chart to see:
      • Number of responses categorized within this topic
      • Mean Sentiment
      • Median Sentiment
      • Number and percentage of positive responses
      • Number and percentage of negative responses
      • Number and percentage of neutral responses
    • Click on the donut chart to see the complete set of responses for the chosen topic.

      A maximum of 7 topics will be displayed.

  • Word Cloud: You’ll see a visual representation of text responses that highlight terms based on their frequency of use. Larger words indicate a higher frequency of use.

Text Response

This section allows you to review the full text of open-ended responses.

  • To see an overview by category, click Show Graph.
  • Within the search box on the left, enter keywords to look for something specific.
  • To filter by question number, topic, or sentiment, click on the column title and choose from the dropdown menu.