Advanced Branching


Advanced Branching is a page-to-page function that is similar to Branching, except the former is applied at question level and the latter is applied at page level. While Branching includes a simple condition (If answer X, go to page Y.), Advanced Branching allows for multiple conditions to dictate a participant’s path through the survey (If answer X and answer Y, go to page Z.).

To apply this feature in your survey, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Under the Design tab, create a survey or select an existing survey to edit.
  2. Once you are done adding questions and comments to your survey, select the question on which branching should be applied. Choose your question carefully. If participants bypass your chosen question due to another branching rule, you cannot send them back.

Branching cannot be applied to a one-page survey or to the last page of your survey.

  1. Hover over the chosen question, then click on More and select Branching. A pop-up window will appear, displaying all the questions of your survey.1
  2. Click on the ‘Apply Advanced Branching’ button beside the page where you want to apply this feature. You will now see a window where you need to add rules and conditions for Advanced Branching.2
  3. To set a rule, select the preferred question under the Select dropdown. You cannot apply Advanced Branching to a Comment.
  4. From the Select Condition dropdown, choose ‘Is one of the following,’ ‘Is not one of the following,’ or ‘Is not answered’.3
  5. Once you select any one of these conditions, a set of answer options will be displayed. Select at least one of these answer options and click on the Add Condition button.4
    This becomes one condition; i.e., A1 for one rule.
  6. Add one more condition by following the same steps. This becomes condition A2.
  7. Under ‘Enter a complete Branching Rule based on the condition/s above’ section, add a rule in this format:
    • A1 OR A2: If you want EITHER ONE of the two conditions to fulfill the branching feature
    • A1 AND A2: If you want BOTH the conditions to fulfill the branching feature
    • NOT A1: The branching feature is enabled when the participant select an answer option other than the one specified in this condition/logic5
  8. Then, specify which page you want the participants to route to in the dropdown list beside ‘Then Go To Page’ section.
  9. Save your changes by clicking on the Save or the Save and Go Back button.
  10. Preview your survey to test your branching.
  11. If you need to delete a branching rule, click on the Delete icon in the top right-hand corner of the rule.8

Here are examples of Advanced Branching rules:

Advanced Branching Rule 1: If participant selects Sales, then skip to Page 2 (which displays all sales-related questions).6
Advanced Branching Rule 2: If none of the options are selected, then end the survey.7

You can add up to 10 rules per page and 50 conditions per rule.

How to Apply Advanced Branching in Survey Questions