Applying Data Population


Data Population is a powerful feature that lets you fill surveys with extra data before or after participants respond. This leads to personal, shorter, and more engaging surveys and better results. There are two types of Data Population: Pre-Population and Post-Population.

Pre-Population is more common and best with single-use links or passwords. To pre-populate:

  1. Create the survey question(s) you would like to pre-fill (Ex: Location), then set your question(s) for Pre-Population (See Enabling Data Population below).
  2. Create a spreadsheet that includes the relevant data for each participant (Ex: Fields for Email Address and Location). For single- or multi-select questions, answers in your spreadsheet must exactly match the answer options in your survey. Load this spreadsheet in Contact Manager.
  3. Confirm your pre-population as you send invitations.

A Closer Look at Pre-Population

Pre-Population Types

Save time and improve data quality by pre-filling known answers. Options include:

  • Pre [Read Only]: When applied, participants can see but cannot edit the pre-selected answer option.
  • Pre [Editable]: Participants can edit the pre-selected answer option when this feature is applied.
  • Pre [Hidden]: Participants do not see a question with this feature applied. This sub feature is generally used to include sensitive data as a part of survey analysis.

Post-Population Types

Add data after participants has responded so you can track follow-up activity. Options include:

  • Post [Show]: Questions with this feature applied will be visible to participants, although no data will be pre-filled.
  • Post [Hide]: Questions that have this feature applied will NOT be visible to participants.

Once a survey has been submitted, you can post-populate data in these fields by generating an Individual Report under the Report section. After you generate this report, click on ‘Post-Populate’, and add the required data in the post-populated fields.

Enabling Data Population

  1. Under the Design tab, create a survey or select an existing survey to edit.
  2. Hover over the chosen question, then click on More and select Data Population.
    • Only the following question types can have Data Population applied to them: Drop Down, Radio button, Horizontal Radio, Rating Scale, Rating Radio Button, Rating Drop Down, Text Box, Date, Multiple Text Box, Multiple Drop Down.
    • You cannot apply Data Population to Matrix Grid, Attachment, and Comment type of questions.
  3. Select any one of the Data Population methods.1

An alternate route:

  1. Hover over any question, then click on the Edit option.
  2. Select the Data Population dropdown list, and choose any one method.
  3. Save your changes.2

If a question has been marked as mandatory, then only Pre [Editable] and Post [Show] options will be available for Data Population.

If a question has Quota Management applied, only Post-Population can be used.