Applying Filters


After you create a filter, the next step is to put it to use by applying it in a report.

  1. Under the Reports tab, select the survey and then click on Individual.reportmainpage
  2. Select the questions to be included in the report.reports2
  3. Rearrange the order of questions as needed for the best presentation of data.
  4. Select your preferred report properties.
  5. Finally, on the ‘Select Filter‘ step, select ‘Yes’ in response to ‘Do you want to apply a filter on this report?’. Then, choose your filter from the dropdown menu.Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 5.14.40 AM
  6. Generate the report. Review the report and the applied filter, modifying as needed.

If you are generating a report and find that you have not created any filters, you can quickly and easily create a new filter on the spot by clicking on Create Filter and following the steps.apply 2