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CX Project

    Build your CX Project

    SoGoSurvey’s CX solution offers advanced options to ask your customers the most pressing questions, gather feedback, and analyze results to drive meaningful action.

    If this is your first project, review design basics first.

    Then, consider your CX priorities as you build.

    • Identify key Touchpoints along your customer journey that can offer valuable data for real-time analysis.
    • As you design a questionnaire for each Touchpoint, keep it short and engaging. Use logic to show customers only relevant questions, and improve the experience by entering any known data with pre-population.
    • When you’re ready, build on the basics with CX features like metrics questions that help you measure customer loyalty, satisfaction, and perceived effort.
    • Then, learn more about the variables that impact these metrics by including Key Driver and other rating questions that dive deep into customers’ experience and perceptions.