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                                        Overall Weighted Score

                                        Overall Weighted Score allows you to generate a cumulative score based on all or selected rating questions used in a project.

                                        Here’s how to add Overall Weighted Score to your Omni Report:

                                        1. Select your project, then click on Report to view the default Omni Report.
                                        2. Click the Overall Weighted Score icon at the top of the report.
                                        3. By default, Overall Weighted Score will be calculated by using all rating questions in the report, but you can also uncheck All Questions and select only your preferred questions.
                                        4. Weights are split evenly across all selected questions, as well as across sub-questions. To assign specific weights to questions, check this option. If the total does not add up to 100 (both for all questions and for each set of sub-questions), you will not be able to save your settings.
                                        5. Overall Weighted Score will be displayed at the top of the report, but you can change the display by clicking Display Options.
                                        6. Once you are ready, click Save.
                                        7. To add to your Canvas, hover over the Overall Weighted Score graph added to your report and click Add to Canvas.
                                        8. Hover and click the three-dot icon for more options, including:

                                          • View Contributing Questions: Display the questions included in the calculation, and choose to add or remove any contributing questions.
                                          • Change Scale:
                                            • If questions in the Overall Weighted Score calculation include different scales (5-point, 7-point, etc.), you may choose to change the scale.

                                            • By default, Overall Weighted Score is based on the most commonly occurring scale in your project.
                                            • When viewing Overall Weighted Score, scores are normalized according to the final scale.
                                              For example: If your survey contains two 10-point scale rating questions, and one 5-point scale rating question, Overall Weighted Score will extrapolate the data for the 5-point scale question to a 10-point scale. In this example, a rating of 3 on the 5-point scale will be shown as a rating of 6 on the 10-point scale.

                                            If all rating questions use the same scale, the Change Scale drop down will be disabled.

                                          • Show/Hide the graph.
                                          • Show/Hide the table.
                                          • Remove the Overall Weighted score from the default report.