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CX Project

    Compare Touchpoints

    Identifying and measuring CX metrics at key Touchpoints along the customer journey offers you insights on how customers’ experiences vary at each stage. If you discover that customers are especially satisfied with their customer service interactions but not as happy with their training experiences, for example, you have an opportunity to learn what’s working well and apply lessons learned.

    On the CX Dashboard, you can select and compare Touchpoints. Here’s how:

    1. By default, your selected Touchpoints will be compared against all Touchpoints. To identify specific Touchpoints for the base comparison, click on the Touchpoint(s) dropdown menu. Check your selections and click Apply.
    2. Next, click the Compare button and select up to four Touchpoints for comparison with your base data set. As appropriate, you may choose to merge up to 6 Touchpoints into a single group for comparison. Click Apply when you’re ready.

    3. Just below these filtering options, you’ll see the conditions applied to the trends below. To remove any item, click the X to its right. To remove these conditions, click Reset all.
    4. The trend data on the Dashboard will reflect all filters and comparisons set above, and hovering over points on the line graphs will indicate which Touchpoints have impacted the trends.

    The Highlights section of the Dashboard is not impacted by filters or comparisons.