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  • Getting Started!
    • Assessment Question types
      • Score and more
        • Quiz participation
          • Get Results
          • Introduction to Poll
            • Build your Poll
              • Launch your Poll
                • Analyze your Poll
                  • Build Project
                    • Project Style
                      • Launch Project
                        • Analyze Project
                          • Account Settings
                            • Good to Know

                              Create a Campaign

                              Create Campaign

                              Click Campaign Dashboard, then Create Campaign to step through the wizard.

                              • SETTINGS covers the basics: an internal Campaign Name, a concise and engaging Subject, a recognizable Sender, and a Reply-to email. By default, you’ll see a donotreply address, to encourage participants to respond through SoGoConnect links.
                              • TEMPLATES allows you to Preview, then Select the design of your choice.

                              • In EDIT/VIEW, click anywhere in the message to edit, then Preview to check your work. Save As and Send Test Email as desired.
                              • CONTACTS asks you to select from one of your Lists, or Add Contacts.
                              • SCHEDULE offers three different options: Send now, Send later, or Trickle Schedule, which includes variations –
                                • Trickle By Contact Volume (designate number of messages delivered per day)
                                • Trickle By End Date (spread evenly)
                                • Exclude weekends and holidays as desired
                              • SUMMARY lets you review and Edit, then Save and Exit if you’d like to come back later or Create to put your campaign in motion now.