Email Address Lists

Survey invitations can be sent to a list of contacts created and saved under Contact Lists. This feature allows you to quickly and easily deliver invitations to frequently surveyed groups. Lists are the perfect choice when sending to large groups, using Data Population in surveys, and using Mail Merge in invitations.

Even better: Our system updates each list automatically based on the status of the email address in Track Survey. As a result, you’ll have a clear picture of the updated email statuses of each list before using it for future publishing.

Create Email List

  1. Select your survey, then click on Distribute.
  2. On the far right end of the Distribute menu bar, click on Contact List.
  3. Click the New button, then choose List.
  4. On the first step of the list creation wizard, identify your list and type.
    1. Enter a unique and descriptive name for the list.
    2. Select Email Address List as your list type.
    3. Proceed by clicking Continue.
  5. On the Additional Fields step, select or create required any attributes for your list. These include fields for Mail Merge and Data Population.
    1. Email Address will already be selected.
    2. Check the relevant box to select any of the pre-defined attributes.
    3. To add your own fields, check the box in front of Add Custom Fields. Then identify the number of custom fields that should be added. Finally, name each field (Title, etc.). Up to 25 custom attributes can be included in your List.
    4. Proceed by clicking Continue.
  6. On the Source step, use the dropdown menu to choose how to load your contacts.
    1. Import from file: Supported file formats include .csv, .xls and .xlsx.
    2. Copy from another list: Import from Email Lists previously created in Contact Manager.
    3. Import from survey responses: This option will be displayed if survey responses are available.
    4. Add individual contacts manually: This feature is helpful when you need to add very few contacts or you do not have a file to import.
  7. Under Populate List, provide content or map your List attributes with your File/List columns.
  8. Click on Continue to create your List.

Maximum file size is 10 MB.

Manage Lists

Reviewing and managing your list is quick and easy. Just select a list and click on View/Modify. While you will not be able to add a new field, the following actions are available:

  1. Add more contact(s)
  2. Delete contact(s)
  3. Edit contact information
  4. Archive contact(s) no longer required in your list
  5. Rename list attributes

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