Creating Filters


You may create within Filter Manager or during the report generation process. This section describes the process of creating a filter within Filter Manager.

Create Filter

  1. Under the Report tab, click on Filter Manager.
  2. Click on ‘Create New Filter’.
  3. Choose the survey for which the filter will be used.
  4. Once the survey is selected, you will be able to name the filter. Provide a clear and distinguishing name, especially if you are planning to create more than one filter for the same survey.
  5. Under Add Condition, select the question, the condition, and then the answer option that will define the filter.
    Click on Add Condition.
  6. To add another condition, select another question and follow the steps above.
  7. Once all conditions are added, set the filter logic.
    1. Match all Conditions: This logic requires that every condition is satisfied.
    2. Match any Conditions: This logic requires that any one of the conditions is satisfied.
    3. Use Custom Combination of Conditions: You can create custom logic by using the combination words AND, OR, NOT and identifying the conditions as C1, C2, etc. For example: C1 AND (C2 OR C3).
  8. When you are done, save your filter.fm11

Edit Filter

  1. Under the Report tab, click on Filter Manager.
  2. Select the Filter and click on View/Edit.fm1
  3. Review all your previously created conditions for this filters.
  4. Hover over a condition and click the pencil icon on the right side to edit the condition.fm3
  5. Click on Save to save your condition.
  6. Save at the bottom of the page.

Delete Filter

  1. Under the Report tab, click on Filter Manager.
  2. Select the Filter and click on View/Edit.
  3. Click OK to confirm your choice.

Use Filter

As an example, let’s apply a filter we created to a Bar Graph Report.

  1. Create a filter in Filter Manager using the steps above.
  2. Under the Reports tab, select the survey. Click on the Frequency dropdown menu and choose Bar Graph.
  3. Select the questions to be included in the report.
  4. Rearrange the order of questions as needed for the best presentation of data.
  5. Select your preferred report properties, including display of percentages and more.
  6. Finally, on the ‘Select Filter’ step, select ‘Yes’ in response to ‘Do you want to apply a filter on this report?’. Then, choose your filter from the dropdown menu.
  7. Continue through the wizard to generate the report. Review the report and the applied filter, modifying as needed.