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                              Customize Your Notifications

                              Notifications give you the updates you want — when you want them and how you want them. Set your preferences and never miss a beat!

                              Note: Notifications are user-specific. Each User can set preferences to receive notifications via email, or in the Notifications section of the SoGoConnect account. System Administrators cannot update notifications for other Users.

                              Customize Notifications

                              • To access Notifications Settings, click on your name at the top right-hand corner > Settings
                              • Under Your Settings, on the left-hand side of your screen, click on Notifications.
                              • By default, you’ll see your Notifications Stream. Learn more about this area below.
                              • Each item listed along the left is a triggering event, with each of the icons to its immediate right representing a mode of notification.
                              • Dialogue’s Owner or Team Member: Email, or Web.
                              • To remove an event completely, deselect the checkmark to its left.
                              • To turn a specific alert on or off, simply click on the relevant icon. Green means active and gray means inactive.
                              • Click the Save button in the top right-hand corner to confirm any updates.

                              What Activity is Tracked?

                              The Notifications section captures the following activity and changes to Dialogues:

                                • New Dialogue received
                                • Dialogue assigned to User
                                • User added to Dialogue team
                                • Dialogue closed
                                • Interest Area updated
                                • Response received from Customer
                                • Internal comment added to Dialogue
                                • Dialogue priority updated
                                • Feedback score received from Customer
                                • Dialogue is Past Due

                              Notification Stream

                              • Both web and mobile versions of SoGoConnect include a notifications section.
                              • On the web, your notifications will appear in the bell icon found at the top right-hand corner.
                              • The number next to the bell icon indicates the number of new notifications you currently have.
                              • Click on the bell icon to reveal a quick view of the current notifications.
                              • Click on any notification to take you to the respective Dialogue.

                              • Click See All to go to a full-screen notification page to review all notifications in detail, mute certain dialogues or delete the notifications.
                              • On the top right-hand corner of the full-screen page, click on the cogwheel icon to customize notification preferences.