Thank You Message

Once participants have finished their responses and clicked the Submit button, you may choose to display a Thank You message. This message acknowledges that the survey has been submitted, thanks participants for their time and responses, and shares any other relevant information regarding follow-up.

Including a customized Thank You message is a recommended best practice to ensure surveys are submitted successfully and participants leave with a clear and positive message.

Here’s how you can customize the Thank You message for your participants:

  1. Select a survey to edit.
  2. From the Design menu bar, click on the Options icon and choose Thank You Page.
  3. Enable any of the features you like, including:
    • Thank you Message
      If enabled, a message will be displayed onscreen when your user clicks on the submit button in the survey. Modify the message content as desired.
    • Re-open Submitted Response
      Allow survey participant to edit a response after they have submitted their survey.
    • Chain Invite
      Allow your survey participants to send an invitation to someone they think would be interested in taking the survey. Once enabled, a Forward Survey icon will be displayed on the Thank You page after participants submit their responses. Survey participants may invite up to 10 of their contacts to participate in your survey.
    • Bar Graph
      You can choose to show display bar graph reports of current responses received for all questions in the survey. This is best used for more informal surveys in which the results are not very sensitive.
    • URL Redirect
      Once participants hve submitted the survey, you can redirect them all to the same webpage (static URL redirect) or to different pages, based on certain answers they provided in the survey (dynamic URL redirect).
  4. Save.