Offline Distribution


Unique Access Codes

When you’ll see participants in person, or you only have mailing addresses, surveys can be distributed offline. Choose Unique Codes if your Survey Access Codes will be distributed to participants who should only be allowed to participate once.

  1. Under Distribute tab, select your preferred survey and click on Publish Survey.publish survey
  2. Select Survey Access Codes under the Offline Or Via SMS/Text Messagepublish_surveyaccesscodes
  3. Under Select Key Type, select Unique Keys. These keys will allow only one response each.surveyaccesscodes_step1
  4. On Select Source of Survey Access Codes step, select the language for participants.
  5. Select the Source of Email/Unique Addresses based on your preferred method.
  6. To send From a File, follow these steps:
    1. Upload a File in .txt, .csv, .xls or .xlsx format with maximum size of 1 MB.
    2. If your file includes column headers, select Yes for My Data as header(s)?.
    3. After the file gets uploaded, click Download Survey Access Codes to download an Excel.
    4. Click Done to complete the publishing method.
  7. If you have already created a list in Contact Manager, you can choose to select the Source of mail/Unique Addresses as From a List.
    1. Select List from the dropdown menu.
    2. To ensure you have selected the correct list, you may click on the Preview icon to view your Unique ID/Email addresses from the selected List.
    3. Proceed by clicking on Continue.surveyaccesscodes_list
  8. If your survey includes pre-populated values, the Pre-populate Survey step will auto-map the survey questions with the list attributes. Please review the Pre-populated fields and make any necessary changes.
    Reset: All mapped values will be reset.
    Preview Pre-Pop: All pre-populated values associated with the unique IDs/email addresses will be displayed.survey_link_0001s_0004_Layer-19

If you choose File as your Source of Email/Unique Addresses, you will not have the option to pre-populate.

  1. Click on Download Survey Access Codes to download the Excel file with Access Codes.
  2. Click Done to complete the publishing method.

If your list contains more than 10,000 Unique IDs/Email addresses, the system will break your list into batches, and you can select to download one batch at a time.

Public Access Codes

When you will provide participants with a code offline, possibly through a flyer or poster, and you want to allow multiple responses through a single code, choose a Public Access Code.

  1. Under Select Key Type, select Public Keys. These keys will allow multiple responses.
  2. Proceed by clicking Continue.
  3. On Enter Key Details step:
    1. Select language for participants.
    2. Use the Custom Key feature if you would like to create Custom Keys for participants instead of a system-generated keys.
    3. Click on Continue.Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 12.41.22 AM
  4. Click on Download Survey Access Codes to download the Excel file with Access Codes.Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.06.04 PM
  5. Click Done to complete the publishing method.