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Project Basics
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                            • Good to Know

                              SMS Invitation

                              Sending invitations by SMS is simple for you and convenient for participants. If you have cell phone numbers from countries like US, UK, Canada, or Australia, your questionnaires can be in the hands of your audience in minutes – and their responses can be in your account!

                              Here’s how:

                              1. Select your project, then click on the Publish icon.
                              2. Select SMS invitation under Publish Offline/Mobile.
                              3. On the Enter Mobile Numbers step, provide participants’ mobile numbers with country code in the text field. Example: +1-1234567890
                              4. Next, customize your message.

                                The survey link code “<<SMS URL>>” can be moved but cannot be modified. In the invitation, this code will automatically be replaced by the survey link.

                              5. Click on Preview to see how the message will appear to your participants.
                              6. Proceed by clicking Continue.
                              7. You may choose to set this as the default message for all future invitations and reminders.
                              8. Click Send Now.