Editing an Active Survey


An Active survey is a survey that has received responses. Once a survey has received responses, editing options become limited. Keep in mind that some participants have already responded to your survey, so any edits to the live survey may affect the responses of later participants.

Only textual and design changes can be made in an active survey, including the following options:

  • Question Sequence
  • Question Hint
  • Find and Replace
  • Spell Check
  • Bulk Text Edit
  • Bulk Action
  • Quota Management
  • Preview Survey/Page
  • Download survey in Adobe PDF, MS Word and Scanner ready format
  • Add Header and Footer messages
  • Show Time-out message on participation page
  • Enable Save and Edit Later feature
  • Re-open Submitted Response
  • Enable Chain Invitations
  • Re-direct participants to a different URL
  • Allow participants to print their responses
  • Changing survey template

The following functional edits are NOT possible in an active survey: 

  • Adding new questions
  • Add images and multimedia
  • Piping
  • Branching
  • Advanced Branching
  • Question Display Logic
  • Pre population
  • Re-arrange questions
  • Enable anonymity feature

If you want to make structural changes to the survey after it has launched, back up the existing responses by exporting these responses to the SoGoSurvey1 format under the Data tab. Then, delete the responses from Track Survey, under the Distribute tab. Change the status of the survey to Edit, make the desired changes, and finally deploy this modified survey.

After you have gathered the desired number of responses, restore the survey responses (from the backup) to the SoGoSurvey platform using the Import feature, under the Data Manager tab.

To edit an Active survey:

  1. Go to the Design tab.
  2. Select the survey.
  3. Click on Edit.1
  1. Click on OK in the message that pops up.2
  1. Make design changes to the survey.
  2. Save.

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