Edit an Active Survey

An Active survey is a survey that has received responses. Once a survey has received responses, editing options become limited. Keep in mind that some participants have already responded to your survey, so any edits to the live survey may affect the responses of later participants as well as your overall results.

If you have already received responses but you need to make major changes, see ‘Help! Major Changes Required!’ at the bottom of the page.

To edit an Active survey:

  1. Select an Active survey to edit.
  2. Click on OK in the message that pops up.
  3. Make design changes to the survey.

Which features ARE available for a survey in Active mode (with responses)?

These design features can be edited in an Active survey:

  • Text & Translations
  • Question Sequence
  • Question Hint
  • Spell Check
  • Find and Replace
  • Deposit questions to Question Bank
  • Edit question text
  • Mark question as mandatory
  • Survey logo
  • Edit/Delete survey header
  • Rearrange Answers
  • Add/edit/delete answer options of the existing question
  • Visual Settings of the survey
  • Add secondary language
  • Edit survey header/footer
  • Enable/disable progress bar, page number, question numbers, show asterisks for mandatory questions, show/hide back button
  • Enable SSL
  • Show/hide Time Out Message
  • Edit Expiry Message
  • Edit Already Participated Message
  • Edit Save and Continue later Message
  • Edit Survey Unavailable Message
  • Edit Thank You Page
  • Enable/disable Re-open Submitted Responses
  • Enable/disable Chain Invitations
  • Display/hide bar graph of the responses received after survey completion
  • Survey redirect
  • Print options – Print Blank Survey / Print responses

Which textual edits can I make on a survey in Active mode?
These items can be edited:

  • Text & Translations
  • Edit a question text
  • Edit answer text
  • Edit survey header
  • Edit survey footer
  • Expiry Message
  • Already Participated Message
  • Save and Continue Later
  • Survey Unavailable Message
  • Thank You Message

Which features are NOT available for a survey in Active mode (with responses)?

These functional features cannot be edited in an Active survey:

  • Rearrange questions
  • Move, copy, delete page
  • Copy/move/delete a question
  • Question Display Logic
  • Branching
  • Data Population
  • Add multimedia (Images and videos)
  • Changing question type
  • Change primary language
  • Set survey as Anonymous

Help! Major Changes Required!

If you want to make major functional/structural changes to the survey after it has launched, follow these steps:

  1. Back up the existing responses by exporting them into SoGoSurvey1 format under the Data tab.
  2. Then, delete the responses from Track Survey, under the Distribute tab.
  3. Change the status of the survey to Edit, make the desired changes.
  4. Finally, deploy this modified survey.
  5. After you have gathered the desired number of responses, restore the survey responses (from the backup file) to the SoGoSurvey platform using the Import feature, under the Data tab.

You can also redirect your survey to a new survey with Switch Invitations.

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