Editing a Question


No project is final at the first draft. You might have to change the content of your questionnaire at various stages before approving it for launch. To support you along the way, you have plenty of options for editing at each stage.

Survey in Edit Mode

Once you’ve created your survey, you may need to test it to see if all your requirements are met. While proofreading your survey, you may find some edits which need to be incorporated in a survey. You may incorporate all these changes in ‘Edit’ mode. All survey creation features are available when the survey is in ‘Edit’ mode.

Survey in Active Mode

Sometimes, you may need to make changes to the survey after you’ve launched it. A survey becomes active as soon as you launch/deploy it. Once in active mode, not all features are available for editing the survey.


Which features are available when the survey is in Active mode (with responses)?
The following DESIGN features will be available for editing a survey in Active mode:

  • Bulk Text Edit
  • Question Sequence
  • Question Hint
  • Spell Check
  • Find and Replace
  • Deposit questions to Question Bank
  • Edit question text
  • Mark question as mandatory
  • Add logo
  • Edit/Delete survey header
  • Rearrange Answers
  • Add/edit/delete answer options of the existing question
  • Customize look and feel of the survey
  • Add secondary language
  • Edit survey header/footer
  • Enable/disable progress bar, page number, question numbers, show asterisks for mandatory questions, show/hide back button
  • Enable SSL
  • Show/hide Time Out Message
  • Edit Expiry Message
  • Edit Already Participated Message
  • Edit Save and edit later Message
  • Edit Survey Unavailable Message
  • Edit Thank You Page
  • Enable/disable Re-open Submitted Responses
  • Enable/disable Chain Invitations
  • Display/hide bar graph of the responses received after survey completion
  • Survey redirect
  • Print options – Print Blank Survey / Print responses


Which features are not available when the survey is in Active mode (with responses)?

The following FUNCTIONAL features will NOT available for editing a survey in Active mode:

  • Rearrange questions
  • Move, copy, delete page
  • Copy/move/delete a question
  • Question Display Logic
  • Branching
  • Data Population
  • Add multimedia (Images and videos)
  • Changing question type
  • Change primary language
  • Set survey as Anonymous

If you need to make functional changes to an Active survey, first delete the responses under Track Survey in the Distribute tab, bring your survey to ‘Edit’ mode, and then make the necessary edits.

Learn How To:

Change the status of a survey? 


Textual Edits

The following features support textual edits:

  • Bulk Text Edit:bulktext edit _1


  • Edit a question text:Edit question text


  • Edit answer text:Edit answer options


  • Edit survey header:Header


  • Edit survey footer:Footer


  • Expiry Message:


  • Already Participated Message:


  • Save and Edit Later:


  • Survey Unavailable Message:Survey Unavailable


  • Thank You Message: