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Project Basics
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                          • Account Settings
                            • Good to Know

                              Embed a Question in an Email Invitation

                              Increase engagement from the start by embedding a question directly into your email invitation. This option is available only while publishing a project, allowing you to embed a question from the survey or assessment selected. Once an answer is selected in the invitation, the participation page will be opened up with the appropriate answer selected..

                              Here’s how:

                              1. Select your project, then click on the Publish icon or Distribute tab.
                              2. Under Email, choose either Single-use or Multi-use Link.
                              3. In the next step, hover over the email template you’d like to embed a question in.
                              4. Click on Edit.
                              5. At the bottom of the menu on the left, click on Embed a Question.
                              6. Click on the dropdown to choose the question to embed.

                                Radio Button, Rating Scale, Smiley Rating Scale, Like/Dislike, and NPS questions may be embedded in invitations. Additionally, CSAT and CES questions may also be embedded in CX project invitations.

                              7. One the question block is added, drag and drop the block into the appropriate position within the invitation, then click Done Editing.

                                Once a question is embedded, it is possible to remove alternative participation options (button, links) to encourage participants to begin the survey from the embedded question.

                              Good to Know

                              • As a best practice, embed the first survey/assessment question shown to participants.. This ensures a clear forward flow.
                              • If branching rules are applied on the survey, the embedded question may not be displayed to some participants.
                              • Questions with Question Display Logic, Quota Management, or Data Population applied cannot be embedded.