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Project Basics
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                            • Good to Know

                              Embed Survey in Website

                              Want to add your project to a website/mobile app? Smart idea! Depending on your site and project purpose, choose from a few options to make the connection. Maybe it’s a short-term link for a quick project, or maybe it’s a form that should be embedded on your site for ongoing access – pick your choice, then start expanding your audience!

                              Navigate to

                              Link on Website

                              Creating a project link on the website is a common and versatile way to collect responses. Publish the link on your website or blog, include it in a newsletter, or send via email.

                              1. Select your project, then click on the Publish icon.
                              2. Under Website / App, select Link / QR Code.
                              3. To generate a new link, choose Create New URL.
                              4. Enter a description of the URL. A description is especially important if you have multiple URLs posted in different places. A clear description will allow you to differentiate between the two published links.
                              5. Next you’ll see options to customize your link.
                              6. If you’d like to restrict your participants, check your preferred option(s):
                                • Block by IP address
                                • Block by Cookies
                              7. Once you have the right settings in place, click on Generate.
                              8. Once you have generated the link, you can now copy or download a QR code.
                              9. To use a link already created for this project, choose Use Previously Generated URL and you’ll see a list all URLs for this project.


                              Embedding a survey or form on your website/mobile app allows you to collect responses from website visitors without interrupting their browsing experience or sending them away from your site.

                              1. Select your project, then click on the Publish icon.
                              2. Under Website/App, select Embed Survey.
                              3. SoGoSurvey provides embedding options for your website and mobile app. Under Select Embedding Option, choose one of the following options:
                                1. Embed Survey on a Website allows you to integrate a survey into a Web page.
                                  1. Proceed by clicking on Continue.
                                  2. Display Setting lets you control the height and width for your embedded survey and based on the design and target resolution of your web page. You can further customize your survey by setting the border color or show partial survey within your webpage.

                                    You can open an embedded survey in a new tab by enabling Show partial survey within your webpage.

                                  3. You may also refer to the recommended height and width settings mentioned in the help and use these values.
                                  4. Proceed by clicking on Generate code.
                                  5. Copy/Paste the embed code to your webpage. On clicking Preview, you can preview your survey with selected dimensions. If you wish to make changes to the height and width for your embedded survey, you may use the Back button to go to previous step and customize the values.
                                  6. Click on Done once you have copy/pasted the embed code to complete publishing.
                                2. Embed survey on a mobile app allows you to integrate survey in your app.
                                  1. Click on Generate code.
                                  2. Copy the embed code provided and use it to display it in the webview of your app.
                                3. Website Feedback Survey
                                  When you want to know what visitors think about your website, Website Feedback Survey will help you gather insights and find ways to improve each visitor’s experience.

                                  1. Customize allows you to manage the required settings like survey pop-up, feedback options, and position.
                                  2. Icons and Button options:
                                    1. Icon Options: Choose a default icon or upload a file of up to 2 MB in SVG, PNG, or JPG format. Then, customize the icon’s position, text, background, and color.
                                    2. Button Options: Customize the button’s color, text, and position.
                                  3. Display options: Choose to display questions in the same window (within a pop-up) or toggle off to open in a new window.
                                  4. Preview: Review your customization choices with this generalized view on the right. Remember that this preview is based on the available space and does not show an exact view of how your choices will appear on our own site.
                                  5. Once your customization is complete, click Generate Code.
                                  6. Copy/paste the code to your webpage.

                              Embed Pop-up

                              In some cases, it doesn’t make sense to display your survey to every single visitor every single time. Whether you’d like to collect feedback at certain intervals, in certain languages, or through certain devices, embedding a pop-up makes it easy to determine when and how your survey will be displayed. Plus, embedding a pop-up takes up less space on your site and draws visitors’ attention to encourage participation.

                              Here’s how to get started:

                              1. Select your project, then click on the Publish icon.
                              2. Under Website/App, select Embed Pop-up.
                              3. Next, enter the message to be displayed in the pop-up.
                              4. Display setting lets you control:

                                1. Invitation pop-up Height and Width.
                                2. Survey pop-up Height and Width.
                                3. Restriction Settings allow you to determine when the pop-up will be shown.

                                  1. Display pop-up every X visitors: This option displays the pop-up based on the number of visitors.
                                    For example: Display pop-up every 2 visitors means that the pop-up will be displayed to the second visitor, not the first.
                                  2. Display pop-up after X minutes/days: This option displays the pop-up to visitors based on time.
                                    For example: Display pop-up after 30 minutes means that if a visitor to your site submits a survey, the pop-up will not be displayed again if the same visitor returns within the next 30 minutes.
                                  3. Exclude by browser: This option determines display based on browser type. Choose to prevent your pop-up from displaying on any of the following browsers:
                                    • Google Chrome
                                    • Mozilla Firefox
                                    • Microsoft Edge
                                    • Safari
                                    • Internet Explorer
                                    • Opera
                                    • UC Browser
                                  4. Exclude by browser language: This option determines display based on browser language. Choose to prevent your pop-up from displaying in certain browser languages.
                                  5. Exclude by device: This option determines display based on device. Choose to prevent your pop-up from displaying on desktop, tablet, or mobile.
                                  6. Restrict repeat participation by IP: Set limits on participation based on IP address.
                                  7. Restrict repeat participation by Cookies: Set limits on participation based on browser. Note that participants may clear cookies and participate again.
                                4. Pop-up Button Setting: Modify the text of the buttons within the pop-up.
                                5. Click on Generate Code.
                                6. Copy/Paste the code into a webpage. On clicking Preview, you can preview the invitation pop-up on a sample webpage. If you wish to make changes, you can use the Back button to make required customization.
                                7. Copy/Paste the code to your webpage and click on Done to complete publishing wizard.

                                If the width provided is less than 400px, the survey will be displayed in mobile mode