Enabling Chain Invitations


Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you could encourage participants to invite their friends or colleagues to participate in your survey? Person-to-person promotion is an excellent way to expand your survey to a wide audiences, ensuring a good response rate.


SoGoSurvey understands the importance of a good number of responses and provides the feature to capitalize on this community-building opportunity: Chain Invitations.


As the name suggests, invitations can create a chain effect, inviting more and more participants. This feature is enabled only if you opt to display ‘Thank You Message’. Survey participants may invite up to 10 of their contacts to participate in your survey.

Here’s how you can enable the Chain Invitations feature:

  1. Navigate to the Design tab.
  2. Select the survey and click on Edit.
  3. Go to Options.
  4. Go to THANK YOU PAGE, the switch will be by default toggled to Yes for ‘Would you like to display a Thank You message at the end of the survey?’.
  5. Enable chain invite by toggling the switch to Yes
  6. Save.

Once enabled, a Forward Survey icon will be displayed on the Thank You page after participants submit their responses.