End Survey on a Specific Page


In some cases, especially when using Branching, you may not need any more responses from participants even before they reach the final page of the survey you built. They may have answered enough questions for your purposes and need to exit the survey, even while others continue to additional pages.

This feature allows you to end the survey on a certain page when participants come to that page. The page selected will be the last page of the survey for any participant who reaches the page.

You can choose to show the survey’s default Thank You message, or a special customized message. You may also redirect participants to a specific website to provide more insights. If you select both a Thank You message and redirect URL, the message will be displayed first.

Follow these steps to end on a specific page:

  1. Under the Design tab, select your survey.
  2. Navigate to the page which you want to identify as an ‘end’ page.
  3. Click on the ‘Page Actions’ dropdown in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Select ‘End Survey at Page <N>’.
  5. Choose from the presented options regarding Thank You message and redirect URL, then click Save.1


End Survey is not available on the first or last pages of a survey.